Getting the Cart

You can access the cart anywhere, regardless if the user is logged in or a guest, using the facade:

use YiddisheKop\LaravelCommerce\Facades\Cart;

$cart = Cart::get();

Alternatively, you can use Laravel's dependency injection:

use YiddisheKop\LaravelCommerce\Cart;

public function show(Request $request, Cart $cart) {

When the guest logs in, the cart will be attached to his account 👌.

If you want the cart to still be available after logout, you need to override the following method in `Auth\LoginController`:
public function logout(Request $request) {

    // keep cart data for after logout
    $cartId = session()->get('cart');
    session()->put('cart', $cartId);

    if ($response = $this->loggedOut($request)) {
        return $response;

    return $request->wantsJson()
        ? new JsonResponse([], 204)
        : redirect('/');

Add products to the cart

Adding a product to the cart couldn't be simpler:

Cart::add(Purchasable $product, int $quantity = 1, $options = null);


$product->addToCart($quantity = 1, $options = null);

Product Options

Let's say your product comes in 3 sizes: small, medium & large; small costs $10, medium $20 & large $30. You can pass the selected option as an array to the addToCart() method:

$product->addToCart(1, ['size' => 'large']);

Or with the Cart::add() method:

Cart::add($product, 1, ['size' => 'large']);

You can add as many options as needed, they're stored as json to the database.

For more how prices are calculated for products with options, see product options.

If you add a product that already exists in the cart, we'll automatically just update the quantity 😎 .

Remove products from the cart

Cart::remove(Purchasable $product);



To empty the whole cart:


Access cart items

You can access the cart items using the items relation:

$cartItems = $cart->items;

To access the Product model from the cartItem, use the model relation (morphable):

$product = $cart->items[0]->model;

Calculating Cart Totals

To calculate and persist the totals of the cart, use the calculateTotals() method:


This will handle the Special Offers & Coupons for you 👌.

Now the cart has the following data up to date:

  "items_total" => 3552
  "tax_total" => 710.0
  "shipping_total" => 12,
  "coupon_total" => "0"
  "grand_total" => 4262.0

Deleted products will automatically get removed from the cart upon calculating the totals.