Special Offers


You can create special offers for products in your store, and they will be applied automatically when the cart totals are calculated.

Only one offer per order is currently supported. So only the first applicable offer will be used.

Use the Offer model to create special offers, like so:

use YiddisheKop\LaravelCommerce\Models\Offer;

$offer = Offer::create([
    'name' => 'Black Friday Special',
    'type' => Offer::TYPE_PERCENTAGE,
    'discount' => 20,
    'min' => 3,
    'product_type' => Product::class,
    'valid_from' => now(),
    'valid_to' => now()->addMonth(),

Offer Attributes and Default values

AttributeDefault valueDescription
name"Special Offer"The name of the offer
type"percentage"Type of offer, can be 'percentage' or 'fixed'
discount10The discount amount (percentage or fixed amount)
min1Minimum amount of products to qualify for the offer
product_typenullThe Product type (className) this offer applies to
valid_fromnullTimestamp when offer is valid from
valid_tonullTimestamp when offer expires

When setting the Offer type, use the available constants:

$offer = Offer::create([
    'type' => Offer::TYPE_FIXED,
    // or
    'type' => Offer::TYPE_PERCENTAGE,

Applying Offers

To get the available offer for an Order:

$offer = Offer::getFor($order);

To check if an Offer is valid for an OrderItem:

if ($offer->isValidFor($item)) {
  // ...

And lastly, to apply the Offer to the OrderItem:


You probably won't have to use the above methods yourself, as they all get handled internally when calling Cart::calculateTotals().

How the discounts are stored

After an Offer is applied to an OrderItem, the orderItem will have its discount set to the discount amount.

So for example - if the product price is 1000, and the Offer is a 10% discount, the OrderItems will look like this:

  'price' => 1000,
  'discount' => 100,

Note, that the Order->items_total and Order->grand_total will have the discount included.

Another way to handle offers

Sometimes you may need to discount one item based if it is bought together with another item, etc.

You can write more advanced offers logic with this method:

In the config pass your own OfferCalculator class like so:

'offers' => [
    'calculator' => ExampleOffersCalculator::class,

That class needs to implement a static calculate method. This method is passed the $order, and you are free to implement any logic you want.

See the included ExampleOffersCalculator for inspiration.