You can create coupons, which can be applied to the cart.

Use the Coupon model to create coupons, like so:

use YiddisheKop\LaravelCommerce\Models\Coupon;

$coupon = Coupon::create([
    'name' => 'Special Coupon',
    'code' => 'BLACK-FRIDAY-1935',
    'type' => Coupon::TYPE_PERCENTAGE,
    'discount' => 20,
    'max_uses' => 20,
    'times_used' => 0,
    'valid_from' => now(),
    'valid_to' => now()->addMonth(),

Coupon Attributes and Default values

AttributeDefault valueDescription
name"Coupon"The name of the coupon
codeThe coupon code (unique)
type"percentage"Type of coupon, can be 'percentage' or 'fixed'
discount10The discount amount (percentage or fixed amount)
max_usesnullThe maximum times the coupon can be used
times_used0How many times the coupon has been used already
valid_fromnullTimestamp when coupon is valid from
valid_tonullTimestamp when coupon expires

When setting the Coupon type, use the available constants:

$coupon = Coupon::create([
    'type' => Coupon::TYPE_FIXED,
    // or
    'type' => Coupon::TYPE_PERCENTAGE,

Applying Coupons

To apply a coupon to the Cart:


This will throw an exception if the coupon is not valid. You can type-hint the exception to handle each specific exception:

try {
} catch (CouponNotFound $e) {
  // coupon code invalid
} catch (CouponExpired $e) {
  // coupon has expired
}  catch (CouponLimitReached $e) {
  // coupon has been used to it's limit

Removing a coupon

You guessed it:


How Coupon Discount is Applied

The Coupon is saved to the Order's coupon_id column.

When calling Cart::calculateTotals() the discount will be calculated & applied automatically to the Order.

Take a look at the default config:

  // Coupon settings
  'coupon' => [
    'include_tax' => true, // if to apply the coupon after taxes
    'include_shipping' => true, // if to apply the coupon after shipping

By default, the Coupon is applied after tax & shipping. If you want the Coupon to only apply to the items_total, you can modify the config to your liking.

This only makes a difference for percentage coupons, as fixed coupons are always the same fixed discount.

The Order has a coupon_total column, where the calculated discount amount will be stored.

So for example if you have an Order with a total of 1000, and you apply a percentage Coupon of 20%, your final Order will look like this:

  "items_total" => 1000
  "tax_total" => 200
  "shipping_total" => 12,
  "coupon_total" => 242.4 // default - coupon is applied to everything
  "grand_total" => 969.6 // after coupon discount

Restricting a coupon to a specific product

You can restrict a coupon to a specific product, by setting the morphable product_type & product_id columns on the Coupon.

Then the coupon will only discount that specific product within the order, and will throw an exception if that product isn't present in the order.